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Privacy Policy

Important Notice

NGTECO CO., LIMITED, its branch companies and its subsidiary companies (herein referred to as NGTeco) attach great concern to your privacy and deeply understand the importance of privacy. This Policy aims to introduce how NGTeco collects, stores, uses, publishes, shares and transfers your information.
Before accessing all websites, software and any other services (herein referred to as services) offered by NGTeco, please carefully read this Policy, and your use of the services are regarded as the acceptance of this Policy, and the acceptance of NGTeco’s collection, storage, use, publishing, sharing or transferring of your information according to this Policy. If any of the conditions or statements is incomplete or requires amendment, NGTeco has the right to add, delete, change or terminate this Policy in any time, and has the right to directly publicize the amended Policy on its official website, and the amended Policy takes immediate effect after being published.
This Policy introduces how NGTeco processes your personal data, however this Policy does not involve the all possible situations of the data processing. For Policy contents of the related product or service data collection, NGTeco shall announce in supplementary policy or notification of related data collection.
1. Collected Information
When you use NGTeco’s services, NGTeco shall collect your personal and non-personal information based on the purposes and methods mentioned in this Policy.
Personal information refers to the data related to the specific natural person and clear identifies the specific natural person, which includes, but not limited to, name, birth date, mail address, telephone number, mailbox address, payment information, and video clip containing personal information etc. Non-personal information refers to, apart from personal information, the data directly related to its carrier which is originally not specifically related to it, including occupation, language, serial code, automatically saved access data, product and the unique identifier of your mobile device, but not including video content containing personal information, operator logo of mobile devices, device software platform and hardware information etc.
The above mentioned details of personal information and non-personal information are for standard differentiation. NGTeco does not separately store your collected data.
2. Collection Method
a. When you register NGTeco account or activate NGTeco product or service
When you register NGTeco account or activate NGTeco product or service, you voluntarily provide your personal information. Also, when you require NGTeco customer services to bind your account, NGTeco needs you to provide the information of the uniqueness of the device, including product model, purchase details and the unique serial code etc.
b. When you commence commercial operation with NGTeco
When you commence commercial operation with NGTeco, you need to provide your detailed personal information and non-personal information, and confirm that your provided information is authentic and valid.
c. When you request support from NGTeco
When you reply our mail, contact our after-sale service, or use our user-support tool, we need to collect your information in order to properly user your account information to authenticate your identity and confirm your product.
d. Obtained from Third Party
If legally permitted, NGTeco shall obtain related data from both public and commercial third party units in order to provide better services to you.
e. When Your Information is imported to NGTeco Service System
When you use voice recording or streaming media functions of the products, we record or/and save videos or/and sounds. There also may be screen capturing and attachment of screen captured information in mail delivery notifications for analysis or confirmation of your then status. NGTeco shall delivery information via your devices for the convenience to notify you in case of any situation.
3. Usage
a. Commencement of Order: Delivery, activation or authentication of products or services; Modification according to your requirements and technical supports.
b. Delivering e-mail, SMS (including commercial ones), push notifications to you to promote or advertise NGTeco services and products and delivering important notifications (including reminders, technical notifications, updates, alarms, supports, management news, service announcements and other news). Due to the importance of the communication between you and NGTeco, you cannot cancel receiving the above mentioned notifications.
c. Initiating internal auditions, data analysis and research in order to improve our services and products.
d. Analyzing business operation efficiency and evaluate market shares.
e. Investigating error upon your delivery of error details.
f. Synchronizing, sharing and storing your uploaded or downloaded data and executing data required for uploading and downloading.
g. Improving our products and refinements.
h. Obeying and executing applicable legal requests, related industry standards and our policies.
NGTeco may also collect and use non-personal information to improve our services and better satisfy clients’ needs, and independently decide to collect, use, process, transfer or disclose non-identifiable data based on other purposes.

4. Sharing
a. Based on our principle to serve you, we shall share related information with NGTeco, it branch companies and its subsidiary companies.
b. When appointing third party service providers, suppliers or technician for data transfer or management, in order to improve NGTeco’s product and service quality, we share related information with them. Apart from the above mentioned purposes and in order to protect your personal information, these parties are not allowed to use your information.
c. NGTeco shall share your personal data with related law enforcement authorities or government authorities upon their requests.
d. If NGTeco’s partial or entire assets are sold or transferred, your personal data may as well be sold or transfer as a part of the assets.
e. In the premises of not violating legal regulations and protecting NGTeco’s legal rights and interests, we shall share you information. For supports anti-criminal activities including auditions or anti-fraud activities, or for NGTeco’s needs of management, we shall share your necessary personal information.
5. Editing information
In the premises that your submitted information is authentic and valid, NGTeco shall maintain the preciseness and integrity of personal information, and update the personal information in time.
In order to apply to related laws, You may (Ⅰ) be authorized to access to your specific personal data owned by us; (Ⅱ) request us to update or correct your incorrect personal data; (Ⅲ) reject us to use your personal data; and (Ⅳ) request us to delete your personal data. Due to some of our service methods, after you delete any information, we may still temporarily remain to keep the archived information until it is permanently deleted.
During your account’s existence or our service we provide to you, and financial accounting period, we shall remain your personal information. In order to fulfill our legal obligations and execute our agreement, we shall remain and user your personal information.
6. Personal Information Protection
NGTeco highly concerns the safety of your personal data, if your personal information is disclosed due to force majeure or reasons non-relevant to NGTeco, or is stolen, you agree that NGTeco disclaims responsibility for any loss. If you have any question about safety of NGTeco service, you may contact us via telephone or e-mail listed on NGTeco local support information in your country.
7. Non-adult Persons Data Protection
NGTeco shall not provide any NGTeco service to non-adult persons. Should there be any account registered by any non-adult person or is related to any non-adult person, we shall delete all related account information.
8. Globalized Information Management
NGTeco is a multi-national company, it indicates that your collected personal data by NGTeco will be processed in the nations or region that your devices are located or services you are provided, or in any other nation or region that NGTeco, its branch companies, subsidiary companies or related companies are located, or will be visited by the above mentioned nations or regions. Legal regulations of data protection in the above mentioned nations or regions may vary. Under these circumstances, NGTeco will take measures to ensure that the data collected by us can be processed according to this Policy and the requirements of the location of the data.
9. Contact Us
If you have any question, comment or suggestion, please deliver your mail to NGTeco treasures every interaction with you.
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