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Why does the APP keep showing 'Please bind to the same network of clock' when I scan the QR code??
You should connect time clock and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Turn on DHCP in device, and set the Configure IP option to Automatic in your phone Wi-Fi setup page. You can compare the IP address between your phone and time clock. The first three segments of the IP address must be same but the last segment should be different. For example, the IP address of your phone is, and the IP address of time clock is If you have confirmed the previous content but the APP still keep showing that prompt, please restart your Wi-Fi router and try again. Because some routers would abnormally working after long-time running.
How can I enter letters and characters in the W1/W2/D1/D2?
The T9 mode allows you to enter the Uppercase, Lowercase and Special characters in the text input fields. You can enter the alphabets and special characters by pressing one keystroke per letter. · Navigate to the required text field and press <M/OK>. · Each key on the keypad has a few letters printed above them. For example, pressing 3 can enter D, E, and F. To enter “F”, press 3 thrice. This is accomplished by comparing the number of keystrokes with the internal syntactical dictionary to determine the letter. · Press <6> to switch between Uppercase, Lowercase and Special characters. · To add the special character, press the corresponding key once. For example, to enter “@” press 3 once.
Does this product have to have wifi to work?
It is not necessary to connect to WIFI network to use your time clock. We provide two approaches to manage your employee, punch data and time report on the clock: 1. With USB drive, you can upload employee data and download the employee time report. 2. With NGTeco Time App installed on your smart phone, you can manage the employee and download the time report. If you prefer NGTeco Time app, to ease the clock wifi connection setup, you can use USB drive to upload the WIFI settings. The NGTeco Time App approach requires the time clock and your smart phone connect to the same Wifi network. Since no data is transferred to internet, it does not need internet connection.
How long battery lasts? Do we lose data if it runs out of battery or if power adapter is disconnected?
As the power supply backup, the battery can last for 4 hours. It allows the clock continuous operation in case of power outage. The employee data, enrolled fingerprint template data, punch data are saved in clock permanent storage disk, it won't be impacted when it runs out of power from both battery and power adapter. When the power recovers, the battery will be recharged from the power adapter.
How do you fix an incorrect punch?
When you have incorrect punch in the time clock, you cannot fix it directly from the time clock. Instead you can fix the punch data on the downloaded excel sheet time report.
How many employees can this handle?
NGTeco time clock is designed to provide affordable time solution for small business owner. Though the time clock can store up to 100 fingerprints and 50,000 punch records, it will play its best function for business with 25 employees or less.
Will this time clock allow for punch out for lunch and other breaks?
The NGTeco time clock is designed for small business owner who wants to track the employee/worker work time only. Therefore only In/Out punch keys are supported on the clock. If you only track the actual work time, your employee can use Out punch key to start lunch or break, and In punch key for return to work.
Can I retrieve employee attendance record remotely without being in the same Wi-Fi network?
The answer is that it depends on your wifi network settings. If the time clock and your smart phone are in different Wi-Fi network, you can open the NGTeco Time App and scan the QR code provided from the time clock COMM menu. The app will tell you if your smart phone can connect to the time clock.
Can I download the excel report from the app and e-mail it?
Yes, the NGTeco Time App is designed to download the excel time report from the clock and send to your email account via your smart phone.
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