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Can this be used with a pc (windows 10), on the same local network to download data from the device?
As explained in above, the NGTeco time clock is designed to provide affordable time solution for small business owner. It is free of software installation and maintenance. As result, the PC is not required to operate the time clock. Instead, you can use USB drive or smart phone to download the time report from the device.
What can I do if it is taking a long time to create a Zigbee door lock's temporary password?
Dear user, we are sorry for your inconvenience. This issue occurs because the wireless signal strength is weak. Slide the app page downwards to refresh the page.
How many Zigbee gateways can I add to the app?
There is no limit on the number of Zigbee gateways that you can add.
Why is the date of the report different from the record in the D1/D2/W1/W2 device?
If your office is not working at night, you need to set the Day Cutoff Time(In the Rule menu) to 12 AM, so that the date of report will become normal. 
Why are there only check-in records but not check-out records in the time clock?
Our NG-D1/D2/W1/W2 requires that employee have to select in/out status before they verify fingerprints. As an administrator, you could help them to add missing punch out manually via device or APP.
Can multiple people use a smart visual doorbell or peephole simultaneously?
Dear Customer, we are sorry for your inconvenience. Yes. You can share a smart visual doorbell or peephole with others in the app and allow them to use it.
Can I bind a doorbell or peephole to two mobile phones?
No. However, you can use the home or sharing feature to share a doorbell or peephole with others.
How do I unbind a device with an app account?
"Tap the device in the device list to enter the device's control panel. Tap the button in the upper right corner to enter the device editing page. Tap Remove Device to remove the device from the device list. All automation and tap-to-run scenes associated with the device will become invalid. Alternatively, set the device to the network pairing mode to remove the device. Note: To bind devices with high-security requirements, such as smart cameras, visual doorbells, and smart door locks, you must first remove them from the original account."
Why isn't the indicator on after I power on the PIR motion sensor?
The indicator light will stay on for three seconds after you power on the PIR motion sensor. If the light is not working, first check the battery level, and then check whether the battery is making good contact with the device. If the problem persists, contact customer service for help.