About us
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We Are NGTeco

Established in 2018, NGTeco's primary objective is to offer smart & secure facilities with its hybrid biometrics & computer vision technology for home use and small & middle-size business. Its innovative products perfectly fit in and help provide smart IoT solutions with high performance and affordable prices. NGTeco empowers a global eco-partner service program to create a more connected and convenient platform and build an enjoyable IoT ecosystem.

NGTeco, standing for Next-Generation Technology, aims to explore various market segments with its cutting-edge biometric technologies and IoT concepts plus techniques to upgrade user experience of home-use electric and security appliances, and lead the trend of mobile application and terminal interaction. 

NGTeco dedicates itself to protecting your loved ones anywhere, creating a seamless experience with easy setup of smart devices, and sharing connected products and services at affordable prices.
Our Value
Core Technology
Biometric Recognition Technology
NGTeco Focus on using biometric technology to bring safety and convenience.
Computer Vision Technology
NGeco Provides accurate and practical computer-aided technology for small and medium customers to improve efficiency.
IoT Technology
NGTeco Makes full use of IoT interconnection technology and sensor technology to help users better understanding the living environment.
Cloud Computing Technology
NGTeco Uses cloud computing resources to reduce user usage costs and provide continuous resource growth.
Daily Life with NGTeco Smart Devices